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No No: A Dockumentary

Category: Biography

Austin, United States
This is a "Flexible" funding project. The project owner will receive any funds raised by the deadline.
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  • $5,785PLEDGED OF $15,000 GOAL
  • DEADLINE 01.20.2014 00:00
Funded: 38%

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Receive a link for a digital download of the film (once distribution is in place) and a social media shout out from the No No team.
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On The Mound

All of the perks from previous tiers, plus Associate Producer credit. Tickets for you and guests to any non-Sundance screening of your choice. (Contact us if you are interested in donating at this level and would like to attend a screening at Sundance.)
Availability: 3 available out of 5

The Center for Independent Documentary has always supported No No: A Dockumentary, our feature film about 1970s pitcher and iconoclast Dock Ellis. So it is with sincerest gratitude that we are happy to announce that the film will be screening at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2014!


No No: A Dockumentary is one of only 16 documentary films that were invited to compete for the 2014 Sundance U.S. Documentary Grand Jury prize. Our World Premiere is at the Temple Theater in Park City, UT on Martin Luther King Day, January 20. We are excited and honored to have been chosen, and the team is working at breakneck pace to finish the film to a level of polish and substance deserving of our fans, supporters and Dock himself.

To support and publicize the film to the fullest, we need your support. This film has been a years-long labor of love, with an independent spirit and a budget to match. Travelling to Sundance, lodging, publicity... all are as necessary as they are expensive. Your tax deductible contribution TODAY will help cover these festival expenses and allow us to put every available dollar toward putting the best film possible on the screen at Sundance.
 Please help us make the most of this dream opportunity to spread Dock's story - his REAL story - to the largest possible audience.


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